Progress Not Perfection | Personalised Mug | Inspirational Mug | Goal Mug

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Would you like your goal personalised on your mug?

"Progress not perfection" is my daily mantra! Without following this advice, you would not be reading this now because I would not have started this business.  

I have learnt that: 
Perfection is a myth.
Perfection is unattainable.
Perfection is stressful. 

99.9% of the time, good enough is good enough.

FYI the other 0.1% of the time is reserved for people performing brain surgery. Contrary to this mug, these surgeons actually need to be pretty perfect at what they do.

BUT for the rest of us trying to get by or trying to be better - forward is still forward no matter how slowly, or how many times we accidentally take a step back. 

This mug reminds you to cut yourself some slack and stop trying to be perfect.

For guidance and examples of how to set goals check out our "how to" guide here. Or if you feel you are not ready to commit to a goal you can choose to have the same design printed on the other side of the mug. 

*** Useful Info ***
- free UK delivery!
- this mug holds 10z and is glossy white ceramic
- this mug is both dishwasher safe and microwave safe
- this mug is packaged carefully in a smashproof box with bubble wrap or polystyrene mug mailer