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Would you like your goal personalised on your mug?

This mug is inspired by the book "Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life" by Susan David. It is designed to help you make the right choice over the easy choice. Each person's "right" choice is unique and individual to them, but it is likely one that is line with your goals and deepest desires.

To make the right choice takes courage and it may not be easy to do. We may forgo dinner out with friends in order to save up for a year out travelling. We may have to apologise to our partner for working overtime and neglecting them during evenings and weekends. Or we may simply to choose to practice stretching on the floor whilst we watch TV, instead of sitting on the couch. The latter example being a very literal sense of the word "comfort". 

We hope that this mug gives you a little extra bit of brave to push through and make that courageous choice. And after hours, its also perfect for a splash of extra courage, Dutch style.

For guidance and examples of how to set goals, check out our "how to" guide here. Or if you feel you are not ready to commit to a goal you can choose to have the same design printed on the other side of the mug. 

*** Useful Info ***
- free UK delivery!
- this mug holds 10z and is glossy white ceramic
- this mug is both dishwasher safe and microwave safe
- this mug is packaged carefully in a smashproof box with bubble wrap or polystyrene mug mailer