How To Set Goals To Get Results


whattamug! - how to set goals and build habits, a primer to help you make the most out of your whattamug!

Setting a goal is easy. Setting an effective goal that will actually get you results, requires a little bit more effort. I want to make the goal setting process as easy and painless as possible which is why I recommend my super simple four step method outlined below. You don't have to follow this method of course, ultimately I want you to be successful and I encourage you to do what works for you.

But first here are some examples of goals to get you excited and inspired about living a life you love, remember this is why we set goals in the first place!

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 Living a healthier life Example whattamug! goals
Lose weight

- Lose 7kg by X time (Note that a healthy weight loss is around 0.4-0.9kg, or 1-2lb a week)
- Wear a size 12 dress by X time

Achieve a fitness milestone

- Run 5km in under 30 minutes by X time
- Hit 40kg bench press by X time
- Do the front splits by X time
- Improve my middle splits by 7 degrees by X time
- Hold the crow yoga pose for 5 seconds by X time
- Do 5 pull ups by X time

Complete an event

- Finish a 10km run by  X time
- Compete in a regional competition by X time

Becoming a better you Example whattamug! goals
Learn a new skill

- Complete Part 1 of my Spanish course by X time
- Pass my Grade 3 guitar exam by X time

Create something original

- Complete the first draft of my novel by X time
- Write a 3 minute song by X time

Making work awesome Example whattamug! goals
Become an entrepreneur

- Launch my own online business by X time
- Have my own Etsy shop by X time

Gain new skills and qualifications

- Get a promotion by X time 
- Pass my Foundation Project Management exam by X time

*** The Super Simple Four Step Goal Setting Process *** 

Why do you even want to set a goal? Why are you bothering? Why will this thing be worth your time and effort?

If you do not have a super strong why, you will not be motivated to get off your comfy couch and do something different. Whatever the reason it really needs to mean something to you. Typically your why can be something that pulls you towards a desired outcome or away from an undesired outcome. 

Do you want to lose weight so you can play with your kids easily, or so you don't have to feel self-conscious when you take your top off?

Do you want to write your own novel so you can become famous in your field or so you can quit your boring job?

It turns out, how you phrase your goal is really important. The outcome that you want can be worded in different ways, and some ways are better than others.

For example, if your goal is to lose want to lose weight you should write it as:
"I want to lose X kilos" rather than "I will go to the gym 5x per week".

When you set a goal, you should define the ultimate outcome that you want to achieve, and NOT what you are going to do to achieve it! 

This outcome needs to be determined at a single time point in the future. Something that has to be done every/week/month is not an outcome goal. Counting calories is not an outcome. Waking up early and meditating is not an outcome. Running every day is not an outcome.

An outcome goal gets you to focus on the results that you want and recognises that you can be flexible in how you will achieve them.

When you set a goal for too far ahead in the future, it is really easy to become overwhelmed. Similarly you may think that because you have lots of time you don't need to do anything today, so you procrastinate.

On the other hand, when you set a goal that can be achieved almost immediately it is too easy and therefore doesn't feel that rewarding.

A goal that takes around three - twelve months to achieve is the optimum level for balancing motivation and reward. You can start off really specific and go for something that you can achieve in three months time. Then once you have some progress and confidence you can expand your time frame. You'll be surprised at what you can achieve in a year!

You probably know what SMART goals are, they are a favourite in business speak among boring managementy types. Nevertheless they are useful checklist to ensure that you have worded your goal effectively. 

Specific - this is not the time to make airy-fairy, woolly nonsense talk like you might do in a job interview... Precision is the key. What exact outcome are you going to achieve?

Measurable - you need to be able to measure your success at the end of the goal period. How else will you know if you have actually achieved what you said you are going to achieve? Note - this is one reason why relationship goals are so difficult to set, how will you know if you have been a better wife?!

Achievable - you will have to be able to physically achieve your goal. This can be hard because there are some goals that are more in your control than others. For example, you can decide what you eat in order to lose weight, but whether or not you get a promotion can depend on the other candidates applying so you might want to give yourself more time to achieve this one.

Relevant - is this something that fits with your current situation? Is this the right time for you? Are there any conflicts in other areas of your life that might prevent you from working toward this goal, e.g. do you really want a promotion if you are thinking of starting a family?

Time based - Something that can be done "some day" is something that is never done. What can you do in the next 3- 12 months?

*** The Super Simple Four Step Goal Setting Process Super Handy Reminder Infographic <--- Click here! ***

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