Are You Ready To Take Action Today?

Hand's up if you love an online course?

Hand's up if you've ever completed an online course from start to finish and done everything they said to do?


Go on, be honest.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good info course but you have to actually DO the work as opposed to just watching all the videos and feeling smug about it (errr.. guilty as charged)

I am all about doing the do, and not just thinking about it. So if you have a goal in mind, and are ready to take MASSIVE ACTION, then try something simple that research shows will vastly improve your chances of success.

Want to know what it is?






Are you really ready for this jelly?





Fanfare please!

If you want to achieve your goal, then you need to make a public commitment to it and tell other people what you are going to do in order to make yourself accountable.

How many times have you written down a goal in your notebook (or fancy goal journal), turned the page and then promptly forgot about it? You didn't achieve your goal and no one else knew what you were working on so they couldn't challenge or support you.

*Hand rises slowly into the air*

If you are reading this, you have probably let yourself down in the past by not doing what you said you would do. Unfortunately, you will continue to let yourself down in various ways in the's just a part of being a human.

If you tell other people about your goal, however, then you up the social stakes. It is so much harder to disappoint other people because you don't want to be seen as a failure for not following through on your promise.

I think one of the easiest ways to share your goal, is through something that is seen and used every day... a mug! 

So I will print your personal goal, on a mug to help you do what you said you are going to do.

Sounds simple, but it really works.

Check out these customer success stories:

whattamug customer success stories

Liz from Surrey – smashed her business goal!

“I had been thinking about doing this for such a long time but the process of forming my goal and getting my mug was the thing that actually made me do it! It really was a kick up the arse!

 Now when I make a cup of tea that is the mug I go to. The other ones get slung in the dishwasher but I wash that one up to use it again! It has really boosted my motivation because my commitment is staring me in the face every morning which brings my goal to the top of my mind.

It's simple and effective and it worked 100% for me because I didn’t want to disappoint my friends and family.

 I also found it was good to have a short-term goal as it made me really focus. Now I want another mug for my next goal!”


whattamug! customer success stories

Amanda from Kent – well on her way to hitting her weight loss goal

“I use my mug all the time. I find it really helpful, it reminds me that I've made a promise to myself. It reminds me that there is a purpose to this and there is a reason why I want to lose the weight.

I have tried to lose weight before, more times than I care to think! But this time it feels like the weight is going, my shape is changing and I'm feeling better.

Before my mug I hadn't made a plan, I had a wishy washy intention and I definitely did not set myself the goal to lose the weight by Christmas. In having my mug personalised for me, I had to actually form a goal and that in itself has really focused me. The accountability of telling other people my goal has also helped, I am really lucky that my family are so supportive.

I feel like that initial seed has now sparked off other things and it has given me the confidence to push me and get my business going.”


whattamug customer success stories

Rachel from South Dakota – more confident to achieve her business goal 

I use my mug daily! It puts my mind in a different realm because it is the first thing I reach for each morning. Morning coffee time is usually the only time during the day where I am alone with my thoughts and have my goal right there in front of me -- in my hands -- is most definitely pushing me forward. 

After I had said yes to getting a mug, I pushed myself out of my comfort-corner and asked my local library if I could host a monthly cooking demonstration and they said YES! That was before I had even received my mug! Even making the decision to commit to my goal helped me to take action. 

Most certainly, my goal has become more "part of me." It's no longer this little wishful-nugget I'm keeping in my pocket. It's almost become the first thought when I start to begin any project or task. I am automatically asking myself, "Is this going to help me reach my goal or is it taking me in a different direction?" My communications, like social media and blog posts, have a clearer image. My business model seems to have a back-bone now.

At the moment I'm still a bit nervous of saying my goal out loud in public, but it feels like it's easier to share the message in a photo.  It's scary to put yourself, your dreams, in front of people. It was safe in my pocket. Now, it's out there for people to comment on and give their opinions on. And if I don’t reach my goal, other people will know. I don’t want to be a failure!”

whattamug customer success stories

Charlotte from London - uses her mug as a daily reminder of her goal

"My mug has been really helpful. Every time I use it and take a sip it reinforces my goal. The more I put it out there, the more it helps - public accountability is a big thing!

I am a very motivated and driven person. I already had my goal in mind, but having it on my mug helps to remind me what I am working on."


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